Animal Therapy

Nursing Services

Currently, Mankind Support Services utilizes Home Health United/Visiting Nurse Services for supervision of medication monitoring and other needs. Personalized nursing services can be arranged through the same company, or another company of your choice, but costs incurred with this service are set up and billed through the nursing agency, NOT Mankind Support Services.

Vocational Services

Mankind Support Services works with a variety of vocational agencies within Madison. Actual services and costs are set up through the vocational agency and the individual. Mankind Support Services will support the relationship between the individual and the vocational agency to help ensure a consistency and quality care.

One-to-One Staffing

Mankind Support Services offers one-to-one staffing for an additional fee. Cost is based on the individual's needs and will be determined either in the pre-admission and intake process, or as the need arises. One-to-one staffing can be in the home, the community, or job coaching.

Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Speech, Other Medical Services

Mankind Support Services will assist in coordinating services, but all fees and payments are to be arranged with the provider.

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